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Sasha H.

MansaTek has changed the way I career-think. It feels like I went from a school counselor to an IT professional overnight. I have gained the skills and knowledge to soar to the top of this industry. I speak my worth, I negotiate well and I am supported here. Doing this journey alongside others who look like me is beyond valuable. Thank you MansaTek!

Dr. Tawanna S.

I so love the community that Mansa Tek fosters. The leadership alone is outstanding, which embodies excellence. Everyone on the team is caring, helpful, and very knowledgeable of the practice. After going through the program in 3.5 months, I am in a position and on target to make over $250K and more annually, which has really blessed my family. Building wealth through knowledge is amazing! I will continue to recommend this program to people looking to make a difference in their life. Blessing, Mansa Tek!!!

Crystal I.

Being part of this program has opened my eyes to what I'm fully capable of & how to push myself to greatness. I went from being a hospitality manager with no time for family, set schedule, or weekends off to having family time and having my weekends to myself. It may be seem small but to have that time and freedom back are huge aspects I'm grateful for. This experience has been worth the investment to have a better life for myself and my family. My income doubled as well as my time. I encourage any and everyone to be apart of this program in any capacity.

Joia J.

This program is awesome! While you do have to put in the time and effort, you will have everything you need to succeed. I joined the program July 1st and got my first job offer August 9th. I was able to learn everything I needed to feel prepared for my first day.
Kelland D.
The training and support that I received in this program was second to none. It was very engaging and it helped to shape my development as an Agile practitioner. The training from the team at MansaTek has helped me to establish my career in the Agile world and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a jump start!
Shitonda J.
The program has introduced me to a career field I could have never dreamed of. The format of the program is very user-friendly. It takes you step by step and helps you to learn how to become a Scrum Master. The platform is easy to follow, the videos very informative, the support of the team through Whats App is invaluable, and being able to contact Victor for support is a plus. I also like the fact that after training, there is an option to continue having support. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to change their life! 
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